Your LaCroix Obsession Is About to Get Sooooo Extra

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Moms, your summer is about to get extra AF. Thanks to Publicspace, a clothing company based in Los Angeles, LaCroix-inspired swimsuits and trunks are a thing, and you too can turn into a giant, mouth-watering can of seltzer.
Moms have been drinking up the LaCroix obsession these last few years — the fizzy water has been popping up in play-dates, park visits and even in moms’ nights out as mixers. Die-hard fans no longer have to debate the merits of Pamplemousse versus Passionfruit with kids in tow because they can now wear their favorite flavor proudly at the beach or pool (and embarrass TF out of the kids at the same time).
The handcrafted, one-piece swimsuits come in Pamplemousse (or grapefruit, for those who don’t know), Lime, Passionfruit, Pure, Cran-Raspberry and Lemon. The stretchable suits also feature high-cut legs with a scoop back, and are made of 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex. Each is priced at just under $50.
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