Winter Is Here: The 5 Beauty Items You’ll Need to Buy

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Your skin reacts differently to changing weather conditions. So, your skincare regime should change, too. The prep for some of winter’s harshest months, there are some beauty items you add to your “beauty bucket list.” Here are five beauty items you don’t want to do without this winter.


Facial Moisturizer

The winter months work well to dry out your skin. So, it’s important to have a facial moisturizer designed to reduce or eliminate dryness. Try adding moisture back in your skin with Drunk Elephant’s new protein cream-based moisturizer, Protini Polypeptide Cream. This facial moisturizer includes red algae extract, which combats dryness by providing intense hydration sans drying alcohols.


Lip Balm

Dry winter weather can promote chapped or cracked lips. But you can put chapped lips to rest when you use a lip balm. Try out Farmacy’s Honey Butter lip balm, which is an all-natural lip balm. It offers hydrating ingredients, such as cupuacu butter and cocoa butter, to keep cracked lips at bay.


Face Wash

Face wash is an essential part of keeping your face clean during the winter months. Opt for a facial cleanser that adds moisture back into your skin, such as Raw Sugar’s Reviving facial cleanser. This cleanser makes winter months easier to bear thanks to its hydrating ingredients, such as coconut water and jojoba oil.



According to the American Academy of Dermatology, as much as 80 percent of the sun’s rays still can penetrate your skin on cloudy days. That means cloudy winter days aren’t enough to put the sunblock away. So, make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Supergoop’s new sunscreen product, Unseen Sunscreen, has an SPF of 40 and even blocks the light that your computer and phone generates.


Deep Conditioner

Your hair is more susceptible to being dry during the winter. It can also get frizzy if it lacks sufficient moisture that balances out the proteins in your hair. That’s why it’s key to place moisture back in your hair. Get this done by using a deep conditioner. Try Unwined by Hask’s new Pinot Noir Repair & Moisturize deep conditioner, which includes moisturizing and frizz-reducing ingredients, such as grape seed oil and wine extract.


Make Winter Beauty Work for You

Wintertime calls for a change of plans. So, it’s important to prepare with a core set of beauty products to help you get through those harsh, drying months. Just try these five essential beauty products, and you’ll be ready to make winter dryness a thing of the past.

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