Why I Only Spank One of My Kids

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I only spank one of my kids.

There. I said it.

No, I don’t love one child more than the other. I love them both the same amount, yet very differently—because they are very different kiddos. I love them so much, in fact, that I have given serious thought to what type of consequences will work best to help teach each of them and mold them into respectable, amazing human beings.

No, one child does not make me more angry than the other. There are times when each of my children makes me so mad, frustrated and overwhelmed that I can hardly speak. They are kids, after all. They specialize in bringing these emotions out. But, the manner in which I discipline my children has nothing to do with how angry I am. I don’t punish them because I am mad, I punish them to teach them.

For me, spanking was not “last resort” discipline. It was my initial plan.

To explain, I should probably back up a bit. I grew up in a household of occasional spankings. It seems odd to say I grew up with a positive experience with spankings, but when I look back on my childhood, I feel that they were used as an efficient and appropriate form of punishment. I got them. I hated them. They were used appropriately. They worked. I never considered not using them on my own children.


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