Weight Maintenance Tips for Every Decade of Your Life

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The bodies we have at 20 are different from the ones we have in our 70s. While change is inevitable, maintaining a healthy weight isn’t. As we grow older, we have to adapt to hormone and health changes. If you lay the groundwork when you’re young, maintenance feels less drastic. Still, each decade of life presents its own challenges. Here’s what you can do each decade to prepare for the next.

In your 20s, lay the groundwork for life at a healthy-for-you weight. Start by finding an exercise that you love, whether it’s Zumba classes, hip hop dance, running marathons, Crossfit or yoga. Making movement and exercise a regular habit now increases the likelihood you’ll be an active (and healthy) older adult.



Sure, the eight 8-oz. glasses of water a dayrecommendation as been more or less debunked, but developing a taste for water in your 20s is one of the healthiest things you can do. Sugary coffees and sodas, sometimes even seltzers and flavored waters, add calories and caffeine, and train your tastebuds to expect flavor. It’s time to stop reaching for a can or bottle filled with chemicals, empty calories and tooth-decaying/enamel-stripping ingredients.

To make the switch, use lots of ice, a purifier and pick up a fun, portable (and insulated) reusable bottle.





College cafeterias, fast food, meeting up with friends in the new trendy restaurants: It’s easy to get away with never preparing your own food in your 20s. But learning to cook is not only a great way to save money in this decade, it’s also better for your health. You know what ingredients are going into your meals and, therefore, into your body.

Having decent cooking skills will also help you in the next decade, your 30s, when you might start a family or be deep in your career. That’s when the temptation to order high-calorie takeout is especially strong.



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