Top 3 Spring Cleaning Ideas

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Most everyone desires an immaculate home that sparkles with cleanliness, but this task may seem impossible to accomplish along with all your other responsibilities. These three simple spring cleaning tips will help you declutter and organize your home so that it is low-maintenance and a breeze to clean each week!

1. Declutter like you’re moving

Nothing seems to motivate people to get rid of unnecessary clutter quite like moving. Packing and relocating all your belongings helps you to see the clutter for what it really is — unnecessary. Go through each room, each drawer, each closet and every other space to get rid of all that junk that takes hours to maintain. Give yourself a project to do each day, such as a junk drawer, closet or a bigger space such as your media center. Have two large boxes or trash bags near you while decluttering, one for things to be thrown away and the other for things to be given away

2. Use the Proper Tools

Once you’ve decluttered all the areas, deep cleaning them won’t seem like such a momentous task because you’ll have less to clean, dust or move. Go to a home supply or discount store to invest in tools that’ll make your spring cleaning easier. Purchase a squeegee, which is useful when cleaning your shower walls or washing windows. Grab some microfiber cleaning cloths. These are great to use as dust cloths or to clean almost any surface. They won’t scratch surfaces or leave behind unsightly streaks. Old toothbrushes are great for scrubbing small areas, but you need to invest in some larger scrub brushes to make cleaning surfaces, such as your bathtub, a quick task. Buy a vacuum cleaner with plenty of accessories, like crevice tools, to help make your spring cleaning quicker and more effective.

3. Take care of tasks that’ll save you time, money and energy

Seal granite countertops to protect them from stains and scratches. Always clean up spills immediately to keep your countertops looking new. Store your silver cutlery and other silver items in anti-tarnish cloth bags to prevent having to clean them before each use. Go over surfaces that collect dust with a dryer softener sheet; this helps prevent dust from clinging to the surfaces, and you’ll have to dust less often. If the caulk in your bathroom is discolored, peeling, missing or ineffective, re-caulking will make them look new and protect the areas from mold and mildew.


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