This Cell Phone for Kids Is Exactly What Parents Have Been Waiting For

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Ever since Steve Jobs put a talking Apple in our hands, the need for a hardwired telephone has been obsolete. In fact, if you ask anyone born after 2007 what a landline was, they will probably stare blankly into space and blink.
The problem with not having a landline is that kids can’t “phone home” when they need something (or just want to say hi). So, parents are left with a choice: Do they keep their fingers crossed that there will always be a “public” mobile phone lying around and available for them to use or suck it up and give them a smartphone?
Understandably, many parents aren’t sold on the idea of handing over a smartphone to a child. Some are concerned that excess distractions—games, videos and messaging—will keep them from being productive. Others worry more about what they will find or who they will meet online. Though most phones allow parents to set up restrictions, the protection it provides barely makes a dent. In other words, you can tighten up security as much as you want, but hackers, predators and children determined to get on YouTube can always find a way to work around it.

If you’re one of those concerned parents (and who isn’t?), you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. There’s now a third option, and it’s brilliant.

Republic Wireless has just released their newest device: Relay, the LTE and Wi-Fi-equipped walkie-talkie—designed as an alternative cell phone for kids.

Relay is a compact, durable, water-resistant and “screen-free” device that allows kids to stay connected without the hidden dangers of a smartphone. It’s also super stylish and easy to use, thanks to a simplified system that eliminates distractions and limits interaction to a single button.


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