The Way You Show Your Love Matters

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My husband didn’t buy me a birthday card for my 30th birthday. I cried. On my birthday. At an all-inclusive resort where we were celebrating the beginning of our 30s. (I know I’m an ungrateful ass sometimes but hear me out).

“I’m on an island,” he huffed. “Where am I supposed to buy a card?”

“You pack one!” I sobbed. For me, not thinking ahead to buy a card meant he didn’t care. For him, a card is a piece of overpriced paper. We were paying thousands for a trip to celebrate our 30th birthdays together, why would a card matter?

The next year, he didn’t buy me a birthday card. He was making a point. Instead of sobbing, I took the time to explain why the card mattered to me. I grew up in a family that shows love with gifts, so I’m disappointed when he doesn’t make an effort to find thoughtful presents (or just a card) for holidays and birthdays.

The price doesn’t matter. Anyone can drop a ton of cash at a jewelry store for a squeal-worthy present. Finding a gift that reflects how well you know the person requires thoughtfulness. It shows you care enough to invest your most valuable resource: Time. It’s why we all love the adorable gifts our kids cobble together with finger paint and glue. It takes real effort to make a macaroni necklace.


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