What Should I Pair with White Wine?

Wine is, without a doubt, one of the best additions to a nice meal. Are you really having a nice dinner, or even late lunch, without a glass of wine to complement the food? If you love a good, dry white but you haven’t the least idea of how to pair it with anything, you’re in luck! We’ll take you through all the best white wine pairings, and give you some tips to make your own matches sparkle!

The foods you’d pair with, say, Chardonnay differ from the meal you’d have with a glass of Riesling. This works two ways; if you’re set on a particular bottle, make the food around it. Otherwise, plan your meal ahead and choose the best wine to go with it!

First up, we’ll pair sweet white wines. This type of wine is sweet and light, often with a summery flavor. You can pair them with acidic or even spicy dishes. This may sound counter-intuitive, but Asian cuisines and other spicy foods like curry can balance the sweetness of the wine. According to Vinfolio, sweet white wine also “parses the flavors of the curry apart because it has an underlying acidity that’s common in most white wines.” How’s that for a fantastic combination?

Next on our list is the dry white wine. This delicious alternative to sweet wine is best paired with simple, straightforward foods that don’t have a complicated taste palettes. They do their best when shared with flavors that aren’t too rich or bold. When pairing dry wine, consider a food that’s bright, but doesn’t leave too much of an aftertaste.

Rich white wines, bold wines, or big and busty tastes fit into this theme. Here, you’re looking for types like the ever-popular Chardonnay. The trick with these wines is to pair them with foods that have bold, flavorful palettes! The bigger the flavors in your food, the more taste for your wine. Rich cheeses, lobster, creamy pastas – you can’t go wrong with a glass of rich white.

Last but certainly not least, the white sparkling wines! You’d be surprised at what you can pair with these incredibly versatile wines. Think carb-heavy, fatty, even salty foods! This type is perfect for a celebration, as most “party” foods are rich in fat. A delicious combination in particular is to pair this type of wine with a few delicious Loacker wafers! Rich chocolate combines with the decadence of the sparkling wine for a combination that’s perfect for celebration, whether you’re ushering in the New Year or you’re meeting up with old friends. It’s an easy, effortless way to add a little spark to any dinner.

That doesn’t mean this wine is limited to junk food; you can just as easily pair it with caviar or other seafood. My Recipes mentions some delicious pairings with spring rolls, bruschetta and even cheese trays!

It isn’t as hard as you’d think to combine white wines and some seriously delicious dishes! Once you get down to it, pairing wines is based mostly on flavor combinations. The sweeter the wine, the saltier the food; the richer the wine, the richer the food! Just keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be a pairing pro in no time:

  • Match sweet with spicy.
  • Combine dry and simple flavors.
  • Drink rich wines with rich foods.
  • Sparkle with salt and carb-heavy foods!

Pairing wine and fine dining has never been easier! With just a little bit of preparation, you’ll find the perfect wine for your afternoon or evening. A bit of bubbly can transform any occasion from casual to unforgettable; who needs a reason to celebrate? Everyone loves a good white wine, and now, you have all of the tools you’ll need to host an amazing dinner party!


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