NYC Pick-Me-Up Weekend (& a Winner!)

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Happy Monday! We’ve had so many consecutive gray days here in Boston that I was shocked to see the sun peeking in this morning through my bedroom window. Yesterday, was Mr. Lovebird’s 36th birthday and we hightailed it back from NYC so he could make his basketball team’s championship game last night. It’s a co-ed team and a few of the teammates’ spouses show up with the kids to support each week. Yesterday the kids even made signs – it was too cute! Sadly Uka’s team lost, but it’s all in fun.

I was at Create & Cultivate on Saturday and while I didn’t stay the entire time, it really was a stellar event. Fro ma quality perspective it reminded me a lot of the aesthetic at Alt Summit, and I was so impressed with their powerhouse line-up including a few of my favorite blogger all-stars: SimplyCyn, ExtraPetite, Claire Sulmers (of Fashion Bomb Daily) and Taza.


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