My Dirty Secrets For Keeping A Clean House

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When my husband and I first moved in together, his bad habits let me feel like I was being a good wife. I would lovingly use the breaks in my day to to hang up his towel, pair his socks, bathe the puppy and keep a tidy home. I was the perfect wife.

Fast-forward two years and between working full-time, raising a toddler, a puppy, five chickens and trying to work with my live-in in-laws who have their own system for everything, I went from hanging the towel to throwing in the towel: My house was a mess, and finding clean surface to bang my head on was too much of a chore. And that’s how I learned to keep a perfectly clean-looking house without all the stress.

One night, I came across a pile of missing documents that had been the discussion of one too many whodunit fights in our house, and my passion for cleaning flared up: within two hours my house looked spotless, and has stayed that way ever since.

Here are the tricks I use to keep my house, and my sanity!


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