Moms, We Need to Stop Constantly Putting Ourselves Down

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I woke up with a cloud over my head. You know the one. The dark cloud that’s heavy, full of tears, full of disappointment and discouragement. The “woe is me” torrent as I stand in my spit-up covered bathrobe and not-so-cute messy bun. (In fact, glancing in the mirror, it appears to be a full on rat’s nest.)

It’s not depression that I feel. It’s just how overwhelming motherhood is. The cloud is spurred by sleepless nights and repetitive cleaning, not enough adult interaction and too much negative self-talk. This last factor is where it starts, at least for me. I fall down a rabbit hole of self-induced pity so easily. I worry and fret and imagine a different life.

I say things like:

I’m not good at anything.

I couldn’t go back to work if I wanted to.

Just look at my post-baby body.

My kids don’t even care that I’m home.

My kids don’t even care that I’m home.

I’m not a fun mom.

I don’t say these things out loud. I would never want my kids to hear these words or translate them to themselves. They’re perfect! But when it comes to me, I berate myself without question. These thoughts roll in like a storm and rain heavy on my heart. I brew negative talk into my mind and, true to form, it takes over my day.


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