Mom’s Family Calls Her ‘Overprotective and Crazy’ for Stance on Photos

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Posting pictures of your kids on social media is a personal decision, but one mom says that her family has undermined her wishes and insists that she is being “overprotective and crazy” for not sharing photos of her baby on the internet.

Reddit user Bigbadmamabear recently posted a list of her reasons for not posting pictures of her daughter on social media, and it is sparking an important conversation with parents. Some of the reasons listed include:

“Her privacy and safety are of the utmost importance.”

“She should have the right to choose what is posted about her when she is old enough to decide whether she wants to have an online presence or not.”

“We don’t want her to feel embarrassed or be ridiculed for something that was posted about her online.”

“We don’t want her to be subjected to judgment from our followers or whomever else can view her pictures.”


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