Keeping Fit as a Family

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Keeping Fit as a Family
Finding activities that every member of the family enjoys doing together can be difficult at times, but exploring ideas can be fun and it encourages bonding for everyone. I think you’ll agree that even a small amount of activity spent together is better than sitting in front a TV or computer. Let’s have a look at ways to encourage an active family lifestyle.

Household Chores
Performing a half hour of household chores is the equivalent to a light workout, so what better reason to motivate kids to clean and stay fit! Designate your child as a “Captain Hero” to save her stuffed animals and toys from the “Dust Invader” by putting them safely away in a toy bin.

Sweeping for 20 minutes can burn up to 80 calories and kids love to push a broom around, so make a game to see what they can pick up and what get’s absorbed, especially if using a Swiffer or WetJet.

Place sticky notes on each room or item that needs to be cleaned and organize a contest to see who collects the most notes. For cleanup after dinner, assign a task to every family member and let everyone know that the family outdoor walk or bicycle fun time can only be started after dinner chores are complete.

Walk or Run for Charity
Participation in an organized walking or running event for the family provides a great end goal by raising money for a well-deserved charity and encouraging healthy and active family time. If you have younger children, look for shorter events like a 1-mile or 5k run. Some events even have music blasting out along the route for added motivation.

Fitness Room
Renovate your family room from a lazy and passive viewing room into a fun and convenient place for family fitness. Design a room that’s warm and inviting while motivating everyone to make use of it, even the younger children. Adding mirrored panels will provide a more open feel and at the same time allow individuals to check posture when strength training to avoid injuries.

The installation of a climbing wall for the kids is a great way to encourage physical activity while having fun at the same time. Be sure to install one with movable holds so they don’t get bored with the same climbs. Provide a storage area that holds exercise DVDs, headsets and music players, as well mats for yoga and tumbling play.

Playing in the Yard
Since kids love playing in the leaves, why not make a game out of it? See who can rake them into the biggest pile, then allow them to jump in them and cover each other. After a snowfall, let them shovel the snow off walks and porches and help them build a snowman or snow angels.

In the fall and spring, let the kids dig in the garden to plant new bulbs and create their own mini vegetable garden. Throughout the gardening season, they can learn to weed and water — set up a sprinkler and they can run through the water at the same time.

Laying the Foundation for Healthy Habits
Teaching your children the value of staying active is a lesson that will benefit and help protect their health for their entire lives. With a little creativity, you will be surprised by the ways you and your family can be physically active while spending quality time together!


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