Jennifer Kapahi Perfects the Busy Mom’s Makeup Routine

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As a modern on-the-go mom, professional, gym buff and traveler, Jennifer Kapahi doesn’t have much room for error in her daily schedule. After years of living in New York city and working in product development for beauty powerhouses like Intercos and Revlon, Kapahi couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a line of easy-to-use products out there for women who just don’t have the time for a full-blown makeup routine—so she decided she’d create one herself.

Kapahi founded TrèStiQue with her partner, Jack Bensason, in late May 2015 with a mission to simplify how women use, apply and carry their makeup. TrèStiQue offers new generation makeup formulas that enhance (rather than cover up) your real beauty and their product design streamlines your routine with 2-in-1 products and refillable twist-on and twist-off tools.

TrèStiQue has taken off since their launch two years ago—the revolutionary beauty brand has sampled over 6 million pieces with Ipsy and BirchBox, and was named The Next Big Thing in Beauty by QVC and Indie Brand to Watch by Sephora.

Kapahi tells how she balances building her brand and her family, all while keeping a fresh face.

Describe the moment when you were inspired to create TrèStiQue.

I had the concept of the brand in my mind for many years before I launched it. As a real, working woman, I was baffled by the lack of simple makeup products. Living in New York City inspired me to create the Essential 8 routine, which you can toss in your purse and use to do makeup in five minutes flat. I was on a mission to create a brand that helped to simplify my makeup routine while traveling, working out, commuting to work and running around doing errands—things all women do every day.


As a mother as well as the co-founder of TrèStiQue, how do you make it all work?

It’s all about insane organization. It is important to find moments to carve out for yourself, your baby and your work. My secret lies in a meticulously crafted calendar and also a strong foot in reality. It’s not possible to do everything, so you have to prioritize and focus on what is achievable.

As a successful female entrepreneur, what are some ways that you want to teach your kids about “girl power”?

Confidence is key and passion is essential. You must believe in yourself, encourage yourself and motivate yourself. On top of that you need to have a passion that is absolutely unquenchable. As long as you stay focused on those things, gender doesn’t matter.



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