It’s Toys R Us’ Last Week, and Stores Are Having Ridiculous Sales

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This last year has been a gradual but painful experience for Toys R Us kids who don’t want to grow up. The iconic toy store giant first made waves when it filed for bankruptcy last September. Then, the announcement that it was closing all of its 735 U.S. stores came in March, along with the company shutting down its website and rejecting gift cards. Just days after that, like some huge, symbolic message from the universe, the founder and father of the toy business, Charles Lazarus, died.

Now, after 71 years, Toys R Us is shutting its remaining 200 stores in the U.S. It’s unclear how many stores have already closed its doors, but by this Friday, June 29, they’ll all close for good.

That’s right, that means this week is your last chance to revisit the aisles that have captured the hearts of children for decades. Maybe you’ll want to go for the sake of nostalgia. Or maybe you’ll want to get your bargain-hunting game on.


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