If Your Baby Can Crawl, Save This in Your Phone, Stat!

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The more children I have, the more I find myself being an open book. Because, y’all, there is no shame in learning from another mama’s mistake.

My youngest is 9 months old. He’s a confident crawler and buzzes all over our downstairs all day long. My big kids know which tiny toys to keep in higher baskets, and if my 2-year-old finds something he deems “tiny,” he will bring it to me saying, “No baby!” while making a dramatic gagging, choking face.

I’ve covered my bases. We’ve had the talks about what is and is not safe for babies. I’ve babyproofed the house pretty well. But, apparently, not good enough.

Last week, my little cruiser found a small container of ant bait, and, as with all things, he put it straight in his mouth. He was quietly playing in the play room with his siblings while I loaded the dishwasher, and when I walked by for a check-in, I noticed the container in his hands … and the sticky, sweet, liquid poison all over his arms and face.

I panicked. I thought my husband and I had collected all the ant bait containers once our little guy became mobile. Where did he find this? How much had he consumed?!

I knew the package said to keep away from children, but what kind of emergency was this? Surely not 911. Right?


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