I Won’t Apologize for My Kids’ Screen Time Habits

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My pediatrician started doing the scariest thing when my kids could talk: Instead of asking me questions like how much screen time they had, how much juice they drank and how many veggies they ate a day, she started asking them.

I’m not sure why, we all know little kids only tell you the truth when you really don’t want to hear it. They tell you your bum looks big in a pair of jeans and they out you for farting in the grocery store checkout line. And all the other times when they are asked questions, their accuracy is a bit off. This was the case the first time my daughter was asked about her screen time by the doctor.

“How many shows do you watch on television?” the doctor asked, typing away on her keyboard.

My daughter said 65.

Sixty-five. What is a mother supposed to say to that?

Now, I realize the doctor probably knows there’s not enough time in one day to watch that many television programs, but she sure got the gist that it was more than the recommended two hours a day, something I’ve never followed—not even after my kids told on me.


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