Healthy-ish Chocolate Doughnuts

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When it comes to “eating right,” January starts out so strong.

After the excess and indulgence of the holiday season, the new year comes with the best of intentions. But I have found that strict avoidance of all treats is the quickest way for those intentions to go by the wayside. The trick is to make better choices (“healthy-ish”) when choosing to indulge—and these doughnuts are a perfect option.

By swapping just a few standard ingredients (all-purpose flour, butter and sugar) for healthier alternatives, you can still “have your cake” (or in this case, doughnut) and eat it too!


To start, these doughnuts are gluten-free. And you don’t have to invest in fancy alternative flour either. Putting oats (you know you have a canister somewhere in your pantry) through the food processor turns them into a perfectly suitable and far healthier substitute for all-purpose flour.




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