Fitness Guru Mom Massy Arias Is Inspiring Moms Everywhere to Be a Boss

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Knowing how to balance career, motherhood, and self-care is a crucial recipe for success. Tip number one: Speak up for what you want and need.

“I gained a lot of inspiration, I feel better, I feel like a weight has lifted from my shoulders and I’m leaving inspired,” fitness guru and mother to the most adorable little girl, Indi, explained after taking part in Loacker’s 2nd Annual PowerMom Day. Yes, Power Mom—what better way to describe Arias? She, along with Rockets of Awesome founder Rachel Blumenthal, Fast Company senior editor Kate Davis, People TV anchor Lola Ogunnaike, and our very own digital director, Julia Dennison, discussed navigating all that encompasses motherhood—which for each individual means balancing parenting, career, and self like a boss.

You may be wondering what Loacker’s Annual PowerMom Day is exactly. Well, Loacker’s goal is to empower working moms by hosting workshops that demonstrate multiple health, wellness, and cooking made simple practices, which were followed by the PowerMom panel and a networking cocktail hour. The biggest takeaway from the afternoon: breaking the stigma of what being a mom means. Pioneering their own paths instead of falling into the social norms of what a mother should be, made these panelists unstoppable.


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