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Loacker Insider Loyalty Program FAQs
For questions and concerns, please contact us at marketing@loackerusa.com or 1-800-516-1027.

Look for Loacker treats in the snacks or cookies section of Target, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s, and other locations. You can also view our map on the home page for other retail locations.

In order to provide the best user experience and to maintain a healthy inventory of premium gifts and rewards for our “Loyal and long-standing” members; we have a strong policy against “Freebie/Free” listing websites and any fraudulent “spam-like” member registrations. As stated in our terms of use, if there is reason to believe that your account is marked fraudulent, we retain the right to disable and or delete that account. Examples of fraudulent activity include your registration during a large spike in member registration within a short window of time, if your user profile tracks back to “Freebie” listings, if your game/survey/social submissions required to garner points on the platform were rushed, incomplete and or incorrect in an order to “stack points,” and or if there have been harmful verbal or physical activities conducted by one user against another user online and/or in the physical. If you feel that your account has been suspended in error please email us with the subject line stating “Request to Reopen” and an explanation of your request.

Unfortunately we have limits on our loyalty program inventory (generally 25 – 500max at a time depending on the gift item). We check weekly to assure inventory is up to date, but in some cases online levels may not match actual inventory levels. If your gift purchase was declined, this typically means we ran out of inventory for that item. We apologize for your inconvenience. In most cases, inventory levels are restocked on a quarterly basis and you can attempt to make the purchase at a later date. Where user activity is not deemed “fraudulent” we will re award the points to your account so that you can make another purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email. Thank you.

In order to receive your gifts the following steps have to be made:
1. Login to the app to complete the scratch and win (or to utilize your points).
2. Redeem your points and/or gifts by hitting the redeem button under each gift; or by hitting the “buy” button in the Point Shop.
3. Make sure your mailing address is up-to-date (must be residential)

Gifts won within a certain month are mailed out within 6-8 weeks. For example, if a gift was redeemed in December, it may not go out until February.

We can not ship out product unless there is a completed address in your profile. We will send out a weekly notification if you have redeemed points but don’t have a full mailing address in your profile.

Please do not create a new account as that will register multiple accounts under one user. You will need to remember your email and user name, or contact us directly to find and update your account for you.

Our platform allows those without smartphones to participate in the Loacker Insider program online.

General Loacker FAQs

The Loacker Insider Program doe snot currently ship to P.O. Boxes. If the address entered in your account is a P.O. Box, please update it. Thank you.

Loacker Insider allows you to earn points, get exclusive promo invites, and more! Exchange points for Loacker gifts and prizes – and earn FREE POINTS for referring friends and family!

Points can be redeemed in the Points Shop (top-left icon on the home screen). Once you are in the Points Shop, click on the item you want and select ‘buy.’

You can view you points in two locations. (1) Click on the user icon and the very top-right of the home screen. Your points will be displayed to the right of your profile picture. (2) Your available points will appear at the very top of the Points Shop.

All items ship 6-8 weeks after you redeem them. It is important that you keep your mailing information up-to-date. Any additional point rewards will automatically register once you refresh the app.

Loacker Insider allows users to earn points through four various activities:

  1. The Scratch-and-Win; which is sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month.
  2. Uploading receipts through the app, in exchange for points (50 points for every dollar spent on Loacker products) (Receipt points will be rewarded at 9am the following day.)
  3. Participating in quarterly surveys.
  4. Sharing social graphics on Facebook; these graphics are specified in the app each month, and can be shared up to four times in a given months for a total of 100 points.
Currently we can only award points and ship gifts to participants in the United States. This includes Puerto Rico and Hawaii. We do not ship gifts to Canada or Mexico.