Does It Really Matter What Kind of Sunscreen We Use on Our Kids?

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Summer is here, and that means moms are going to be busy reading labels to see which sunscreens are best for their kids. But where, other than shopping aisles, is a mother supposed to find the safest products to use on a child’s delicate skin?

Thankfully, the consumer guide Environmental Working Group (EWG) narrowed down the search for parents, listing the 23 best-scoring sunscreens for kids on its website. But there’s a plot twist: CNN recently reported that it might not even matter which products you use—as long as you follow a few simple rules.

According to CNN, skin cancers—particularly malignant melanoma—often stem from early childhood sunburns, which is why sun protection is critical when your kids are playing outdoors. The best products to use, however, aren’t always “made for children,” so don’t be fooled by colorful packaging or gimmicky labels that look as if they were designed by a kindergartner.

So, what should parents look for?


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