Copper Pearl Founders Make It Work as Moms and Entrepreneurs

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Stay-at-home moms Stephanie Lee and Kristin Reichert always had the dream of starting their own business. When they noticed the lack of trendy and modern baby bibs on the market, they seized the opportunity (with a little help from their awesome husbands) to create Copper Pearl, a baby accessories company, in June 2015.

Redheaded Kristin, who has three boys and a girl, is the “copper.” Stephanie, a blonde with two boys and a girl, is the “pearl.”

“We wanted our name to portray the quality and design aesthetic that we planned to accomplish with our business,” Kristin tells “As we were brainstorming different ideas, we really liked how Copper Pearl felt as our company name.”

We spoke to the two friends to find out more about mixing business with friendship!

Describe the moment when you were inspired to partner and create Copper Pearl.

Stephanie: My husband, Cameron, and Kristin’s husband, Joel, were actually the ones to start the conversation. They were both working full-time and wanted to start a side business for fun. Because Kristin and I were very interested in designing our own baby products, it was a natural fit to make this our co-family business. We both had little kids and felt like there weren’t a lot of super-functional, well-designed baby products on the market. After a lot of research, we decided that our bandana bibs would be our first product to launch—and the rest is history!

As mothers, how do you make it all work?

Kristin: It can be a struggle! One of the things we learned early on was how important it was to find people to help. Starting and operating a small business can be so overwhelming at times, and it’s crucial to hire people to help as you start to grow. We’ve been really fortunate to have found great people to help us manage our business.


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