Celeb Couples We’re Obsessed with in 2018

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Hollywood isn’t always the most uplifting when it comes to romance. Last year, our hearts broke a little when some of our favorite duos split (RIP Selena Gomez and The Weeknd). But there are a few ride-or-die couples who’ve keep our hearts beating another day. Here are four celebrity couples we can’t get enough of this year.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

These two are arguably the cutest couple in Hollywood – and maybe even the world. On top of sharing their passion for Game of Thrones, we love how fiercely they love and support one another. It also helps that they’re super real and down-to-earth; along with their kids Delta and Lincoln, the couple’s favorite family vaca is a traditional American road trip. Keep living the dream, you two.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

We’d probably include this couple on our list for their Halloween shenanigans alone, but there are so many more reasons they deserve a spot in our hearts. In his 2014 book Choose Your Own Autobiography, NPH disclosed he was the first to fall in love, but David followed shortly after. Later, the two married in Italy (hello custom Tom Ford wedding tuxes) and became the world’s most adorable family when they had their kids Harper Grace and Gideon Scott. Could there be a more perfect family?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

We used to love watching this dynamic duo express their love as a couple early in their relationship, but lately we’ve fallen in love with their entire family. In 2016, Chrissy and John welcomed their daughter, Luna Simone, into the world. Then, in November 2017, Chrissy (with help from Luna) announced her second pregnancy to the world in the cutest-ever Instagram video. We can’t wait to watch the Legend-Teigen family grow in 2018.

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

This couple is more low-key, but definitely worthy of a spot on our list. We’ve grown to love Amy over the past several years, but more recently, we’ve gotten to know her softer, romantic side as she’s swooned over her love (and now husband), Chris, a Hollywood chef. The two shocked the world with their surprise wedding in Malibu after only months of dating. In a wedding video Amy released on Instagram, she said it was simple – she couldn’t bear to wait another day to be his wife. We’re excited to watch these newlyweds grow together in 2018.

Our list could go on and on, but these are the famous twosomes we can’t stop talking about.


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