The Best Reads Of September Are Right Here

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One thing we’ve realized over the years? No matter how old you get, September will always feel like back-to-school season. But even if you won’t be heading to the classroom, that’s no excuse not to hit the books — especially since there are so many awesome new titles out this month. So far, our must-read list is stacked with new releases from award-winners like Toni Morrison, Jesmyn Ward, and Celeste Ng, along with some excellent fiction fare from Nicole Krauss, Josephine Rowe, and Sarah Miller, whose reimagining of Little House On The Prairie is giving us literary life. We’re also more than ready to dig into Hillary Clinton’s What Happened: a retelling of the 2016 presidential campaign from the woman at the center of the storm.

Suffice to say: We’re going to be busy bookworms the next couple weeks. Check out all the picks on our list — and don’t forget to peek back again mid-month for more. This isn’t English class; but we can’t promise there won’t be a pop up quiz down the line. Be a good student of life. Go get your read on.


Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman: How Gender Equality Can Save The World

By Catherine Mayer

What would a world where we achieved gender equality really look like? Journalist Catherine Mayer has some ideas, and she’s laid them out in this highly readable roadmap for the future. Digging into the structures that hold women back and laying bare the process for dismantling them to create a more equal tomorrow, Mayer has penned a how-to for the women’s movement in 2017.

Out September 5



Sing, Unburied, Sing

By Jesmyn Ward

Jojo and his baby sister, Kayla, have been raised among ghosts: ghosts from the long gone past; the ghost of their uncle, who was shot by white men in the woods; the not-yet-dead ghost of their mother, Leonie, who is both there in the house with them but never really present. When their father, Michael, is released from prison, Leonie and the kids take a road trip to go pick him up. What spills out along the way is the story of not only their sadness but the aching felt by all people whose histories are veined with tragedy, regret — but also, resilience.

Out September 5


Forest Dark

By Sarah Miller

Jules Epstein is sixty-eight year old man for whom metamorphoses is a way of life: His parents have died, he is newly divorced and recently retired, and suddenly finds himself with an irresistible desire to give his prized possessions away. With the last of his wealth, he travels to Tel Aviv, where he is sidetracked by a charismatic rabbi who hooks him into a film project being helmed by the rabbi’s beautiful, mysterious daughter. Intersecting Epstein’s story is the journey of a young Brooklyn writer staying in the Tel Aviv Hilton hotel, trying to escape both her writer’s block and a troubled marriage. She, too, is drawn into a project she can’t turn down — and eventually, these threads begin to tangle…

Out September 12



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