Before You Quit Your Job to Work From Home, Consider This

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Working from home sounds like the golden ticket, doesn’t it?

And it is … until it isn’t.

Being a work-at-home mom is one of those Catch-22 situations. It has tons of benefits, but, as with any employment situation, it has its downfalls too.

When I decided to leave my full-time office job I was enamored with the idea of balancing motherhood and my career aspirations. I truly believed working from home was going to be best of both worlds—I was going to save on childcare and be present for my kid’s big and little milestones all while bringing home a paycheck. Easy! Amazing!

But it turned out to be much harder than that. While many days, I do manage to fit in diaper changes, story time, conference calls and prompt email replies, there are just as many days when it all seems to hard to balance and I wish I could don my heels and join the commute for a day at the office.

When all is said and done and the pros and cons are weighed, working from home, for me, is definitely still a win, but there are some factors I wish I had really considered before taking the plunge.

So if you’re considering quitting your job and working from home, think long and hard about these things before you take the plunge:

Who will watch the kid(s)?

Truth be told, working from home with children in the house is nearly impossible. Sure you’ve got a TV to “babysit” and there’s always nap time, but fitting in a full day like that isn’t ideal. In reality, it’s downright distracting!

Before you quit your job to work from home definitely have a plan in place for childcare. Whether it’s a mother’s helper, a preschool program, or a shift swap when your partner arrives home from work, it’s important to carve out some solo time.

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