Alyssa Milano’s Essay on Postpartum Anxiety Is Authentic AF

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Most people, when they hear the term “postpartum depression,” think sadness and moody behavior, but there is so much more going on inside a woman’s body when levels of estrogen and progesterone collapse. The symptoms range anywhere from worry to rage, with a gray area in between, and because everyone reacts differently, the warning signs are often ignored.

Anxiety is a symptom of postpartum depression that’s not always easy to spot. Why? Because it’s normal for a mother to “worry” about her children. But what if that concern turns into a debilitating fear that causes panic attacks or suicidal behavior?

In a personal essay published in Time magazine, Alyssa Milano opened up about a miscarriage she sustained before her first child, Milo, was born and the postpartum anxiety that followed.

“I have a secret, and I am not alone,” she began. “I am a mother, an actor and an activist—and like over 40 million Americans, I live with a mental illness.”


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