5 Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

Sometimes there’s nothing better than diving into the comfort and familiarity of your favorite bottle of wine. Yet finding new wines to enjoy is part of that fun. If you can’t make it to a vineyard in Sonoma or even a local wine tasting, know that a wine club will bring the party to you.

Clubbing for Busy Moms: Wine Club Perks and Benefits

Most of the headlines have gone to the renaissance in food delivery and grocery shopping through apps and digital platforms, but wine clubs have been in the convenience and home delivery game since before it was cool. Whether you want to save time and money, or you want to broaden your wine horizons, joining a wine club can make your life easier (and more fun) in several ways:

1. Discover New Wine

With so many options to choose from, a monthly wine subscription is a great way to sample different varietals from around the world. But you can also keep your business closer to home and sign up for a local vineyard.

2. Value

In addition to offering discounts for members, many vineyards and wine clubs offer the opportunity to sample quality wines at a discount.

3. Cut Out the Wine Shop

Like bookstores, strolling the aisles at your favorite wine shop can be one of the best parts of enjoying a great bottle of wine. But if you simply don’t have that kind of time (who does?), you can leave all the research and curating up to the wine club. Just sign up, relax, and let the bottles appear on your doorstep every month.

4. Never Run Dry

Most clubs have multiple options, ranging from two bottles per month to six or more. If you’ve always dreamed of building your own mini wine cellar, this is the way to do it. No sommelier training required!

5. Bring Your Friends Together With Minimal Effort

For busy moms, time is usually the most scarce and valuable commodity, and spending time with friends is often one of the first casualties when trying to juggle the demands of work, family and personal obligations. The arrival of your monthly wine shipment is the perfect opportunity to invite friends over for a fun and low-effort personal wine tasting with little to no planning or shopping on your part. Bonus: hosting your friends at home makes the babysitter optional!

Whatever your personal tastes and preferences, joining a wine club can be a fun and low maintenance form of monthly self care. Or in the words of the famed Persian poet Rumi, “Either give me more wine or leave me alone.”