4 Outdoors Exercises Anyone Can Do in the City

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Despite over 80.7 percent of the American population residing in cities, recent trends in the fitness industry suggest men and women transplant their exercise routines from the gym to the outdoors. Doing so wouldn’t only eliminate the issues of gym membership costs, but holds the potential to maximize mental and emotional benefits of exercise, including exposure to sun, and in some cases, forest therapy.

For many women living in cities, though, such suggestions create more problems than they solve, each of which can be traced back to the root: not all cities are created equal.

Optimal outdoor exercise arenas — such as a park or forest — that are just a stone’s throw away for some could be hours away for others. Many experts also make something like hill climbs sound as if it’s as easy as stepping out the front door, when the reality is that some cities have so few hills that one would have to catch a bus across town just to give it a try.

The result is that women feel left out and overlooked, as their demanding roles in the workplace and at home leave them with limited time as it is to devote to exercise.

Luckily, there are accessible and effective outdoor exercises for women that can be done in any city. You’ll find four of our favorites listed below.

Tricep Dip

Do this outdoor exercise here: On the bench at the nearest bus stop.

Exercise tip: If the bench at the nearest bus stop is busy, just try the next one.

Wall Squat

Do this outdoor exercise here: Against the wall of your apartment building.

Exercise tip: Be sure to bring your phone so that you can time how long you hold the squat position.

Towel Hop

Do this outdoor exercise here: Any nearby (mostly empty) sidewalk or patch of grass.

Exercise tip: There’s no need to place any clean towels down on the sidewalk. If there aren’t any dirty towels available, just roll up a sweatshirt that needs to be washed.

Side Lunges

Do this outdoor exercise here: Any nearby (mostly empty) sidewalk or patch of grass.

Tip: If there’s a hill within walking distance, side lunge your way up its incline for a more challenging workout.


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