31 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Kids

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The other day, I was lamenting to my best mom friend about how quickly time is passing by.

I mean, seriously, wasn’t my second grader just in diapers? Now she’s practicing cursive. Wasn’t I swaddling my 9-month-old just yesterday? Now he’s crawling and cutting teeth. It’s crazy to me how years of sleepless nights add up to years of an amazing life together.

Of course, I’m so thankful they are growing and learning. I wouldn’t want them to be struggling in school or having trouble meeting milestones. But just the same, it brings me to tears. Before I know it, they’ll be graduating and flying off to test out their wings. Then the monster tears will fall, for sure!

While I lamented how fast it’s all happening, I told my friend that I really want to connect with my kids better and make more of our time together. I want to cement happy memories into their minds and mine. I want to be intentional about what we do each day. I want to create meaningful moments that will serve as anchors in our mother/daughter and mother/son relationships. I want to connect so we remember. Then, when they eventually fly away, they will be drawn to soar by home base every now and again.


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