20 Ways to Ease Holiday Stress

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You’ve been invited to a dozen holiday parties. And, let’s face it, holiday parties are awesome. But what’s not awesome is stressing out because you’ve overcommitted to too many parties. So, no, you probably can’t make it to all of those events. Not unless you want to spend most of the holiday season in an Uber, stressing about the next place you said you’d be.







Whether it’s a Christmas dinner or a Hanukkah party you regret offering to organize, holiday meals can be fun for everyone but the host. Reduce your stress by ordering some of the food (even better: get it delivered!) or by asking guests to bring a favorite dish. In the end, it’s about getting together with family and friends, enjoying seasonal treats, a few drinks and some love. You deserve to enjoy yourself, too.







Online shopping saves gift givers from dealing with crowded parking lots, rude salespeople and all of that mall Christmas cheer. Play Santa from the comfort of your jammies and computer screen. As long as you get all the gifts on your list, who cares how you purchased them?








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