17 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

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The New Year’s resolutions we make say a lot about who we are and who we hope to be. Problem is, it’s easy to get overly ambitious. Starting over offers such broad possibilities, and we often take on more than we’re ready for.

But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to fail. Just make changes that you really, really want to do. And make them fun and easy. There really are ways to stick to your resolutions. Like making sure your workouts, which you promised yourself you’d do regularly this year, are with a friend. Because friends make everything better.





You can easily increase the amount of water you drink, which is a great and healthy New Year’s resolution. Invest in a reusable water bottle you love and work your way up to eight 8-ounce glasses a day or more. Don’t overdo it at first, or you’ll feel bloated and go back to coffee and soda.






Stretching is one of those resolutions that make you feel good when you’re doing it. You also see results pretty quickly. Regular stretching improves your health, in that it protects you from sprains and strains you might otherwise get when you’re working out.








If you pick the kinds of brain games you like, you’ll stick to them—daily mini crossword puzzles, Sudoku, online trivia, a Rubik’s cube or other manipulative toy. Use commute time (unless you’re driving), or keep it at your desk for free moments during conference calls. Even an app for learning a new language will feel like a game and get your noggin tuned up.






You know breakfast would make you feel a lot less sluggish, but it’s hard to get ready and out the door and find time to eat. So, find three breakfasts that you really like, and make them the night before (or early in the week). Be sure to include flavors and textures that you enjoy, not just something you’re supposed to like. That way, you’ll stick with it and make a permanent lifestyle change.






Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great resolution to make for the New Year. But it can get old fast and send you back to eating too few. Instead, make this year about trying new flavors and textures (and revisiting ones you thought you didn’t like). You don’t have to finish a piece of fruit if you really don’t like it. But find things you’re not familiar with, ask a grocery store clerk the best way to eat it and give it a try.






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