12 Things You Can Do Now to Avoid a Holiday Flu

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The holidays are a perfect microbial storm just waiting to bring you down with cold or flu. Blame the season, slacking health habits and lots of people and food, and you’re one sneeze away from getting hit with a bug. Here are 12 ways to avoid getting sick during the holidays.

Wash your hands, constantly. We know, the water is cold and your knuckles are cracking from going in and out of the heat. Find a heavy-duty moisturizer for that, but do not skip washing your hands. After the restroom, before you eat, after you used a co-worker’s computer. Whenever you can, wash.



And only touch your face when you’re washing it. One of the most common ways to introduce germs into your body is through touching your face. Your mouth, nose and eyes are all conduits where germs live and thrive. So sit on your hands if you have to, but stop touching your face. If your eye is itchy, run to a sink and wash your hands before you pick or scratch.





If you’re staying with friend or relatives over the holiday, or crashing at someone else’s place after the office holiday party, be sure to pack your own blanket. Germs are survivors, and bedding is an easy way to share a cold without actually having to touch.






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