10 Rules for Every Toddler Caregiver

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When my girls were 2 and 3, I had a fantastic sitter. She was equal parts strict and laid-back and I couldn’t have asked for a more fitting person to watch my darlings the one or two days I worked outside the home.

Even though we adored and trusted her, I doubted that even the most exemplary nanny-type would be as diligent about behavior expectations and daily manners when it came to helping me raise my girls the few days she was with us.

So, I came up with some hard and semi-bitchy rules for my sitter to not only keep my kids safe, but also raise them to be capable, smart, and aligned with my own expectations and values, so that I didn’t have to undo bad habits that my fabulous sitter had unintentionally created while on the clock. (For example: “Don’t worry about picking up your toys, girls. I’ll do it. It’s my job.”) You get me?

If your toddlers are under someone else’s care, setting rules like these might give you more peace of mind when you’re not there and also help your littles grow into big kids that aren’t so chaotic to live with later. So, here are 10 rules your caregiver should live by.


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